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iona @iona

Either a lot of people have blocked me(!) or Mastodon is dying. Where *is* everyone?

@iona seems to be having trouble federating with some (not all) instances. But the problematic ones seem to include This is the last information I've seen.

@iona It's still there but seems to be dumping notifications into a hole. Software issues after one of the upgrades, I think.

@iona there seem to be MASSIVE federation problems right now, and from the looks of it, nobody knows where the problem is... Let's hope things will improve fast, before people go away...

@Antanicus Do you know a place besides the loomio group where people are getting status of how things are going? The status page seems to always show all system good even during times where everything is down.

@cstanhope no clue... I hope things will be fine again soon, I can't stand these empty timelines and not hearing from all the beautiful people of mastodon!