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It's really hard to find local grocery co-ops in an area (like the Unicorn in Manchester) because a Web search just comes up with local branches of The Co-op supermarket.

Is there anything like Manchester's Unicorn in West Yorkshire?

Fun experiment. It took two clicks to find this page on the New Zealand Government web site:

I still haven't found the equivalent page on the UK Government web site, but there is a big banner on the front page about why we're bombing Syria.

On the radio, they're doing one of those features where they ask schoolkids random questions and get cute answers.

Tellingly, none of the children seemed to know what Twitter was. "Is it like a wi-fi?" "It's like eBay but an app." "You can buy stuff on it."

If I owned Twitter shares, I'd sell them on the strength of that. If the next generation of users aren't aware/interested in your brand, you're toast.

Heaven Knows I'm Agile Now

> More interested in Lean-agile Delivery? Let Mike Joyce, Head of Delivery at Sky Betting & Gaming, walk you through how their tribes use agile working to deliver ideas to tight deadlines

And there was me thinking he was in the Smiths all this time.

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Maybe it's me, but it feels like there's been a trend lately in the UK press, particularly the tabloids, of describing ordinary weather patterns as coming "from" somewhere.

The recent snow came "from Siberia". The hot spell over the past week was "African".

To me, it feels like a subtle attempt by the right-wing press to reinforce the notion that we're constantly being assaulted by the "other". It's foreign, and therefore bad. On its own, no big deal, but it's a drip-drip-drip...

Come to think of it, why not basic Markdown support, so we can *emphasise* things, or **really emphasise** them if they're ***super important***?

Wouldn't it be great if you could paste code into a Mastodon toot and have it show up in a fixed-width font?

Also, I know we have issues with an aging population but roasting them is not the way to deal with them.

Not content with randomly adding ads to my 'new tab' page, has now taken it upon itself to change my default search engine to Bing mid-session.

I love this browser, I've used it for what feels like decades, but my patience is wearing thin.

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How to live without #Google … via @alternativeto Some of them @Nextclouders, @only_office can also be found in the #Univention App Center #nextcloud

Capital Punishment: being forced to listen to nothing but the #1 Hit Music Station for a week.

Apparently, it's the "official start to the weekend". I didn't realise the national finances were in such a poor state that we had to put local radio DJs in charge of the standard time signal.

Getting a certificate error on . Is it me or something at their end?

From what I have been told of late, has about a month to six weeks left, but they'll hopefully start running out of stock before then.

My electronic components sales are very slow lately, because bust UK retailer are selling off their stock at bankrupt prices. I wish they would hurry up and close down completely.

I can't compete on price with a company that is dumping its stock on the market and doesn't need to make a profit because it's winding down.

Squishing me slime, is that what the young people are calling it these days?!