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@strypey particularly annoying that google switched mode from 'we do best when you spend least time on our site' to 'we track everywhere you go and ask you to upload photos of it'

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Please re-follow me at @iona if you would like to carry on reading my toots :)

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Today has had a very unexpected (but super welcome) twist of events :heart_is:

More than software: What the KDE community got up to in 2017 and how we tried to make a better world for everybody.


When a cutie wakes up and goes back and favs your toots from when she was sleeping

Boost if you agree

I'm still tidying up my follow list, removing people who aren't following me. If you are following me and I'm not following you, shout at me because I will have just missed the notification. <3

When not dabbling in Buddhism, I dabble in Quakerism. This image is said to represent the Quaker version of Silent Night.



"Scotland united in curiosity as councils trial universal basic income"


"... with the support of a Β£250,000 grant announced by the Scottish government last month and the explicit support of Nicola Sturgeon."

"The concept of a #UBI revolves around the idea of offering every individual, regardless of their existing benefit entitlement or earned income, a non-conditional flat-rate payment, with any income earned above that taxed progressively."


@iona I see it as "ee-ona" because "i" makes "ee" sound in Finnish. xD

We should call it GNU/Linux inasmuch as that irritates Linus, and just Linux when Stallman is in earshot

Named my first Sidewinder ship The Vital Spark after a fictional glaswegian boat

The Vital Spark en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vital_Sp

On that note, if you've followed me and I haven't followed you back, drop me a line because I have probably just missed the notification. :)

Every so often, I go down my timeline and unfollow people I've followed who don't follow me.

This place - for me, at least - isn't about following "personalities" and "brands" and getting nothing in return. If it's not a two way street, if you think my posts aren't worth bothering with, I'm not interested in you either.