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The radio presenter says "I haven't seen any of the bees yet."

You're on BBC Radio Manchester. There is a bee sponsored by BBC Radio Manchester outside BBC Radio Manchester. How can you possibly have not seen it?

There are two people on the radio who have been and seen *all* of the Manchester bees 🐝

Even the one at the airport, and the ones in the outlying districts that are hard to get to and find.

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Briefly had to listen to local radio because I was in my car with broken DAB.

Message after message on the local radio phone in regarding Boris Johnson and his Islamophobic comments.

"Snowflakes need to shut up... just a bit of a laugh... too sensitive... etc etc etc".

I AM SICK OF THIS. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I take the piss out of local radio a lot, but this is more serious. BBC RADIO LEEDS, SORT YOUR FUCKING BIGOTED LISTENERS OUT.

Either you're the guy who got 50.0001% of the votes and you win and can push forward with your programme, or you're the one with 49.9999% and you have to sit in opposition twiddling your thumbs for another X years.

I don't know what's to be done about it - when the two alternatives are so diametrically opposed, it leads to anger on the losing side and misplaced triumphalism on the winning side. A shade over 50 percent shouldn't be a mandate.

Listening to a thing on the radio about an election in the US where the margin is currently <1,000 votes between a Democrat and some Trump cheerleader GOP man.

It feels like first-past-the-post democracy is part of what's leading to our divided societies in the West. When the margins are so slim, it becomes pretty much a lottery. People feel disenfranchised and disillusioned with democracy.

From local news - edited to remove violence reference:
> Anyone who witnessed the [crime] or who has any information is asked to contact police via 101, quoting crime reference 13180383141.

I know this is a small town shit hole but is there really *that* much crime here?

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Science 👍

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Out of respect, I won't be making snarky comments about any of our local radio friends today.

Sad news from the world of local radio: BBC Radio Shropshire's Vicki Archer has died aged 41.

She presented her drive time show as normal yesterday.

📻 😢

My car DAB is borked so I'm stuck with the very worst selection of local yokel dross 📻 🙄

Wired: Working at home listening to a good selection of radio stations from Manchester etc
Tired: Getting in my car and being stuck with Yorkshire Blah Bullshit FM

The new football manager at Leeds United had the players picking litter around their Elland Road stadium recently, for three hours or so.

The reason? "This is how long an average Leeds worker has to work to buy a ticket to watch you lot play, so think about that when you're deciding how much effort to put in."

I will however never stop ranting about the utter shit I am subjected to by the radio every day. Never! Mediocre local radio presenters, you have no respite from me. 📻 🔫

Mastodon! Why do you endlessly favourite and boost drivel I post about technology shit that doesn't matter much in the great scheme of things, but not much more important stuff about identity and gender and people being able to live as themselves?

Makes me feel slightly sad. I am going to stop posting about tech, because it really doesn't matter a great deal, it's transitory ephemeral "news!" and I feel like it's drowning out other things I have to say.

This has also been my experience. I started taking HRT for around five months last year - obtained through a now-closed online pharmacy site rather than via the NHS.

I felt breast tenderness and growth, and some of the changes felt positive, but I also felt frightened - like it was happening too fast for me to deal with, like I didn't really want this.

"I quit taking my hormones in January after starting only a couple of months prior. The physical changes began happening too quickly, and it left me feeling like I was losing my sense of control. Still, I knew that permanently stopping HRT wasn’t the right choice; it felt like failing." (2/2)


"I thought that if I adhered to that script, it would keep doors open for me in terms of receiving medical care. But the truth is, I didn’t know what I wanted — I wasn’t trying to become a woman, but I didn’t know what I was trying to be. I wanted to transition, but I didn’t know how. (1/2)