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The constant moving of literally everything from the TV schedules for World Cup matches reminds me of all the times Only Connect got bumped last year for things like the FA Cup First Round Qualifier between Dynamo Skegness and AFC Bourton-on-the-Water.

Funny how they can always find the airtime for f*** EastEnders, though.

Radio is not rocket science. Play some tunes, give out some news, sports results, information, have a bit of a chat and a laugh. Make sure everyone on air is sober, don't swear and don't blast out threats.

I've always loved listening to radio stations big and small on my travels - this is the first place where I've thought "fuck this, I'll drive in silence instead".

I have travelled to a lot of places over the years and listened to a lot of radio but I can categorically say that I've never heard radio worse than the stations in Cork.

They are all doing shock jock type phone-ins, some of the guests sound drunk, and one station (96 FM?) had an actual fight with swearing and threats on air - "you come over here and say that, you wouldn't last five fucking minutes!"

Irish radio news today sounded like an advertorial for Amazon. No criticism of the company whatsoever allowed - just a glowing report about the benevolent US tech overlords gracing Ireland with a few hundred jobs.

This is what a country that has sold its soul to Big Tech looks like.

Radio Kerry consists entirely of really boring blokes on incomprehensible mobile phone lines talking about hurling.

One of the other stations has a DJ who seemed incapable of understanding that any women anywhere might be enjoying the football World Cup.

If any actual professionally formatted stations set up here, these complacent timewarp Irish local radio stations would just fall off the air.

This came across my timeline earlier (SFW):

I like it, but sometimes I feel like the "queer people are allowed to have happy stories" narrative comes with an unspoken caveat of " long as those stories look like those of ordinary straight people - conventional attractiveness, relationship, sex, marriage, kids, two SUVs in the drive, financial success."

Why can't we widen what it means to be happy for EVERYONE?

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From the complete no-marks who gave us "Live Laugh Love"

Who do I need to ask to delete my account?

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y’all i’m serious about this. get in touch if you want to help with a trans culture news site. i don’t have much of a plan yet, but i want to work with you to figure this out. spread the word. this could be great.

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is there a trans culture-focused news site? a la autostraddle? if not, anybody want to try and fill a niche? i’m itching for it to exist and also for more web side projects

Northern Ireland has so much gammon it's like the land of gammon

Union Jack waving gammon

Saw a crowdfunder type thing the other day for something called a Light Phone.

It's one of those 'distraction free phones' that doesn't do apps, notifications etc.

It has a bonus feature: when you use it, people can see that you're the kind of person who is so privileged that you don't need to be bombarded with notifications from your gig economy masters to work and live.

Is Github's Atom text editor free software? I don't use it, I use Kate, but if it is free then if the new Microsoft Github decide to nix it then surely it can be forked and developed.

I'm in a different area today so the local radio is even worse than usual.

"We're taking you through your workday with the Featured Artist, the On This Day feature and the Birthday File!"

Innovation in radio never stops.

When did Conservative change from the perfectly reasonable "let's not change too much, let's try and keep things on an even keel and not be too radical socially or economically" to "let's burn everything down and run off with the money while also being generally unpleasant to minorities"? It seems that conservatism nowadays is not very conservative at all.

It's a UK-wide issue, but particularly in the North I feel like we pay Western European levels of tax and living costs for what increasingly feels like a US level of public services and social safety nets.

Where all the money is going, I don't know. I don't object to paying tax, but I do object to paying the same kind of tax that they do in Germany or Sweden for far inferior services. Someone is getting wealthy here.

Major incident on Northern Rail - thousands of cancelled trains for weeks and no end to the chaos in sight.

It has been dreadful for years. I don't know anyone in the North who commutes by train who hasn't either lost a job or been threatened with disciplinary action for lateness and non attendance.

If the service was in the South there would be acres of newsprint and hours of BBC coverage devoted to it.

How come some people are able to write essays in toots when we have a limit of 500 characters?

Someone told me about an alternative to Google Fonts the other week but it's a long way down my mentions now and I can't find it again.

Can anyone help? I'm working on my website today and I'd like to dump the last bit of Google it has, which is the fonts. ( @aral perhaps?)