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Exit to Community: Designing Crypto for Social Good (4/29)

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@DavidSpinks@twitter.com Are you following the "Exit to Community" (E2C) conversation? If not, it definitely aligns with this way of thinking. /cc @ntnsndr@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com colorado.edu/lab/medlab/exit-t

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“Web scale cooperative” seems like a better encapsulation of the North Star of the ethos of this space than the word DAO to me.

Too bad it’s not 3 characters long and has no meme-ability

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(Maybe someday this profit model will change, I don't know. I'm a fan of @ntnsndr@twitter.com's work on @exittocommunity@twitter.com, and maybe the users of a measure should own the measure in a literal sense? That would be cool.)

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Thinking about this trend piece from @voxdotcom@twitter.com @terrygtnguyen@twitter.com about the "ownership economy." NFTs and Robinhood. How can we shift this narrative to real community ownership? vox.com/the-goods/22380411/sto

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Looking for a friendly video editor for a paid project 💫

Basically: make a 2-3min trailer out of Zoom classes and b-roll from a group of startups transitioning to community ownership (and away from extractive IPOs & acquisitions). More at e2c.how

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"We’re coming out of this era where platforms own people, and moving into this era where people own platforms" says @hamishmckensie@twitter.com of @Substack@twitter.com. Great, let's talk about how to make your platform user owned with @exittocommunity@twitter.com! nytimes.com/2021/04/11/busines

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Social/co-op/sharing economy folks. When you think of a tagline, a simple term, to identify what we're up against in hyper capitalism... what's a term you refer to? Big box? Mega corporations? Platforms? Big business? Big finance? Wall Street? @ntnsndr@twitter.com @oliviamqhenry@twitter.com @MattCropp@twitter.com

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This is how we should be thinking about tokenization: Using it *within* democratic structures like @ampl3d@twitter.com co-op, rather than as a way of automating human governance away with markets. Thanks, @austinrobey_@twitter.com! forefront.news/blog/how-commun

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Looking for ways to deepen the mission of food & beverage businesses? Check this:

"Protect Your Purpose: 2 Alternative Governance Structures" rodeocpg.com/knowledge-share/p

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Nathan and Danny's episode is out! Tune in to to hear Nathan Schneider and Danny Spitzberg discuss @exittocommunity@twitter.com. Only on StartupsForGood.com
@ntnsndr@twitter.com @daspitzberg@twitter.com

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This week we speak with "Exit to Community" creators, Nathan Schneider and Danny Spitzberg. Settle in, it's a good one.


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After major pandemic shifts from intimate in-person performances to livestreaming, @groupmuse@twitter.com is converting to musician-owned co-op🎻

A wise move:
“The company has assembled a Musician Council of 10 young musician-activists to oversee the transition” us15.campaign-archive.com/?u=b

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🤷🏻‍♂️Love @Discord@twitter.com & don't want to see the same path as @LinkedIn@twitter.com 😱
Can't help thinking that @jasoncitron@twitter.com could run a offering using @FairmintCO@twitter.com tech, get us all involved & prepare for an exit to or with this community
cc @ntnsndr@twitter.com

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"the more I think that stakeholder ownership is the natural state of things, and that we just haven’t had the technology or models to coordinate such widely distributed governance and ownership before." The Dao of DAOs by @packyM@twitter.com notboring.co/p/the-dao-of-daos cc @ntnsndr@twitter.com @daspitzberg@twitter.com

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📲 The Accelerator is OPEN for applications! Run by @CooperativesUK@twitter.com and @StirToAction@twitter.com, in partnership with @CooperativeBank@twitter.com, it's for founders that want to develop a digital business in a more collaborative and equitable way ➡️ bit.ly/2OOfiLJ t.co/bqHVqN7OPw

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