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Applications now open for our accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs building scalable, cooperatively-owned businesses

✅ 1:1 Coaching
✅ Weekly MBA-level wkshops
✅ Mentorship
✅ $10k investment
✅ Community of peer entrepreneurs
✅ Recs + discounts


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Not all exits are created equally

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@MikaelThalen@twitter.com Didn't take long but that layout is IDENTICAL to the layout of Mastodon 3.0, just recoloured.

Truth Social is a fucking Mastodon fork

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Typical "Exits" for Startup Founders:
- Acqui-hire
- Private Equity

Typical Exits for Web 3 Founders
- Exit to Community

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Goodness this bill could make E2C easier.

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Introducing the Capital for Cooperatives Act

A free webinar on Sept. 20 explaining the potential of @Hickenlooper@twitter.com's historic bill in the US Senate, featuring @ldp7744@twitter.com
@dobrien_coop@twitter.com @ccwbdenver@twitter.com @RMFUnion@twitter.com

Register now: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

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Check out @austinrobey_@twitter.com interview w/ @ntnsndr@twitter.com “...strategies out there for carving out non-economic space in the midst of cryptoeconomics...to help create pathways for well-meaning crypto projects toward more genuine sorts of community ownership.” ff.mirror.xyz/4-CR_n-_GYXKg8Oo

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In this conversation, @austinrobey_@twitter.com talks to @ntnsndr@twitter.com, a proponent and leader of the "Exit to Community" movement to learn more about its background and meaning, as well as its application within crypto networks.


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Our new pamphlet is out today, "Community Rules: Simple Templates for Great Communities"

And our governance app CommunityRule just got a gorgeous facelift! Check em both out here: communityrule.info/book

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Are you starting a new community, or evolving an existing one? Get a free copy of our new pamphlet, COMMUNITY RULES, with

✔️ simple templates
✔️ real-live examples

that you can adapt to your needs.

Sign up to get yours before Thursday: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

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When you and your friends organize, don't start from scratch.

Order your free copies of
a new 44-page pamphlet on basic structures for organizing from MEDLab: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

Offer ends Thursday!

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The optimal governance structure for early-stage projects is founder dictatorship.

The optimal governance structure for mature projects has large user/stakeholder involvement.

"Exit to community" continues to be underrated as a way to get both.


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We launched a Platform Cooperativism Observatory in Brazil. Soon in English - with videos, news, and research cooperativismodeplataforma.com

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Started reading a very intriguing take on startup exits by @exittocommunity@twitter.com

The more disproportionate disruptions the unicorns create, I sense the greater is the need for counter balancing forces in our communities. Feels like exit to community is an idea whose time is here.

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Are you in the process of organizing a new co-op, mutual aid group, or online community? Order a FREE copy of our forthcoming @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com pamphlet on basic governance structures, !


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This is huge: Meet the new Inclusive Capital Collective, "a growing, national network of independent loan, equity and real estate funds and entrepreneur support organizations working to create lasting community wealth." inclusive-capital.us/

incubated with @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com!

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The of the day—a token launch for a popular crypto conference structured through a legal cooperative.

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is coming! Join the livestream on Friday, June 11th at 11am MDT: ethdenver.com

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We are hosting an art residency!

Excavations: Governance Archaeology for the Future of the Internet

Artists, makers, tinkerers, hackers—apply now.

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Exit to Community: Designing Crypto for Social Good (4/29)

Feat. @mybellalogica@twitter.com @_cambiatus@twitter.com @CirclesUBI@twitter.com, co-sponsored by @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com

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