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Exit to Community: Designing Crypto for Social Good (4/29)

Feat. @mybellalogica@twitter.com @_cambiatus@twitter.com @CirclesUBI@twitter.com, co-sponsored by @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com

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This week we speak with "Exit to Community" creators, Nathan Schneider and Danny Spitzberg. Settle in, it's a good one.


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Thanks @daspitzberg@twitter.com @marazepeda@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com
@ntnsndr@twitter.com @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com @SheezaAhmad@twitter.com for helping us develop our strategy! Join us TUES DEC 8 12PM EST to learn more bit.ly/e2cshowcase

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Next week, join us for ": Distributed Governance"—a webinar with veterans of large-scale community listening, from the context of a national government and disaster relief: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

Organized by @daspitzberg@twitter.com

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We need to take back control from , and .

@StaccoP2P@twitter.com, @ElaKagel@twitter.com and @mickymetts@twitter.com provide solutions from the movement with @GRITlaura@twitter.com. NEW EPISODE.

WATCH IT HERE: bit.ly/2RuvbFl


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Register now for the 1st OPEN 2020 intro with @StaccoP2P@twitter.com of @GuerrillaTrans@twitter.com and @P2P_Foundation@twitter.com + colleagues talking about Distributed Cooperative Organizations.


OPEN 2020 - Networked commons initiatives

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👉What Does Ownership Mean?
👉How Are Profits Distributed?
👉Who’s Making Decisions?

@internetowners@twitter.com answers 10 questions you might have about starting a : bit.ly/38GrS3Y

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Applications for @start_coop@twitter.com, the North American accelerator, are now open!

Learn more & apply at, well, Start.coop

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Just out: Our paper on molo.news as an experimental relational platform for local , written together with @WLoosen@twitter.com. @commfigurations@twitter.com @ZeMKI_Bremen@twitter.com @BredowInstitut@twitter.com @molo_news@twitter.com Download: kofi.uni-bremen.de/fileadmin/f

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SignCo.io is a new , offering a radical solution to contract culture in our sector. Our infographic explains what a platform coop is and how it will work.

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