just gave my name in starbucks as "we're starting a union" and when the barista called it out all the workers got fired

10k users.

That is the limit we have decided on. After we reach that limit, registration will be permanently closed. #pixelfed


@LeeteqXV oops i meant mastalab when i said mastadon! l there's lots of great software written by committed people, I'm impressed.

OK, each Android app I've used has a compelling feature the others don't!

Tootdon: Add a user to a list at the point you follow them
Mastodon: Automatically expand CWs
Tusky: My favourite UI and functionality overall

is open source, I guess I should have a crack at adding those features!

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I prefer Tusky overall (and like that it's open source) but Tootdon will allow me to add a user to a list at the moment I follow them, which is a killer feature that even the website doesn't provide. It's clunky to have to go into the list editor to do it.

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Can anyone recommend an Android app that has the ability to expand CWs by default? doesn't seem to, and has an option to show nsfw content by default, but I think that's different.

@imathew not sure if you were into instagram or not, but have you seen pixelfed.social yet?

@jerrykan No I never got into Instagram, I like seeing photos but prefer words so twitter was enough for me. But I am interested in pixelfed, yes.

Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to
Problems that upset you, oh
Don't you know
Everything's alright, yes, everything's alright, yes

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