Can anyone recommend an Android app that has the ability to expand CWs by default? doesn't seem to, and has an option to show nsfw content by default, but I think that's different.

I prefer Tusky overall (and like that it's open source) but Tootdon will allow me to add a user to a list at the moment I follow them, which is a killer feature that even the website doesn't provide. It's clunky to have to go into the list editor to do it.

OK, each Android app I've used has a compelling feature the others don't!

Tootdon: Add a user to a list at the point you follow them
Mastodon: Automatically expand CWs
Tusky: My favourite UI and functionality overall

is open source, I guess I should have a crack at adding those features!

@LeeteqXV oops i meant mastalab when i said mastadon! l there's lots of great software written by committed people, I'm impressed.

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