I've been keen to get my old #Commodore64 back online for a while, but it's looking like it's going to be massively expensive.

I need a power supply, and then I have no storage devices - I had a 1541 but no idea where it ended up. I have no disks, no cartridges, no peripherals.

So I've decided to go with an emulated setup for now. I'll replace the C64 motherboard with a Pi and a Keyrah so I use the real case and keyboard and it'll look original and run modern.


This saves me worrying about stuff like dodgy power supplies, leaking capacitors (the unit hasn't been turned on for at least 15 years - I have no idea if it even works) and a heap of other issues.

I can then put the board aside and build up a collection of bits and improve things over time, instead of needing to do it all at once.

It's also NEARLY possible to build an almost 100% new C64, with new compatible boards and cases being produced. I really want to do this too. #C64

@mike I've bought a lot of broken machines and had a lot of fun with a rasp pi and keyrah, with a c64 reloaded, and with original hardware using a purpose-built power supply. Using the Ultimate II+ to load software. Good luck with it!

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