@solene @fyrfaras @tty I promised y'all my SSB profile hash, so here it is: @+aQL1YGSyeEIhPRMcw96/ztOy41RoKSGD7la7BUZVmA=.ed25519

If anybody needs help setting up their SSB, please let me know!

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@yogthos holy shit that was a fascinating take

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Police are starting to turn those Ring doorbells into an always on surveillance network. So, if you have one you are now literally snitching on your neighbors to the state. Throw it away.


@breakfastgolem @Dayglochainsaw @soft *leans and spits*

Nowadays, when you see a dad — I mean a real blue blood — all’s you can do is sets back on your heels and watch them disappear into the Winco walk-in. It’ll break your heart.

work, gripe, i'm tired 

@redoak hate crunch time, especially when it coincides with family needs. hope that you get a little time off after it’s over.

@redoak “to him it don’t matter but it’s tearing me apart / that’s how it is when horny hits your heart”

@redoak “praying that my ship of love will come / to the port of horny hearts where I will be”

@redoak “my heart is as horny as a heart can be horny, the last word in horny is me”

@redoak “the horny friends of science say, the world will end most any day”

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@solene yeah! I will get my client running again this weekend and then I can get you hooked up.

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"Every programmer occasionally, when nobody’s home, turns off the lights, pours a glass of scotch, puts on some light German electronica, and opens up a file on their computer."


mh bad 

@olivia :( I’m sorry to hear that

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