idk about you but I miss rss

@ike People apparently still use it, and I keep intending to start using it again. I mean, besides through podcasts with gPodder. :/

@cstanhope @ike Yeah! Don't miss it, use it!

Friendica is my combined social reader, with support for AP, OStatus, Diaspora and, yes, RSS. I also have Feeder on my phone to catch any comments to the HPR episodes I occasionally (but currently not for months I'm afraid) submit.

Almost all news outlets support RSS, and blogs are still a thing if you want to read them. You can even follow Twitter without being on twitter if you follow RSS feeds from Nitter.

@clacke I didn't realize Friendica handled RSS as well, but I should've suspected!

@cstanhope You should have, it has everything! 😀

Even GNU Social supports following RSS feeds, but only the ones that have PubSubHubbub/WebSub enabled.

I didn't know friendica could be an rss reader.
I have an instance. I don't recall anything about the install, so it must have been painless. I did it months ago now. I'm the only user and I followed one person just to be sure it could federate and ... never got back to playing with it.
@cstanhope @ike

@gemlog I guess RSS gives you another reason to explore it! :)

@cstanhope exactly. It's just been sitting there. It's not accepting new users or anything, but it's been quite a while...
I will log in and do the needful things - I'm sure it must need an update by now.
Thanks for reminding me!

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