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The gyroscopic necks of will never cease to amaze me

>> … on average, when Craigslist’s opened erotic services in a city, the female homicide rate went down 17 percent.
> 17 percent. That’s not the homicide rate for female sex workers. That’s the homicide rate for all women.


Czech Republic absolutely SMASHED it 👌👌👌👌

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along with using the CW function and picture descriptions,

capitalizing each word in a hashtag is good for accessibility so screen readers won’t try to pronounce it as a whole word.

so please utilize all of these to make the fediverse more accessible for others!

Ever angered by the cold and emotionless (but admittedly functional) design of your battery status indicator? You don't have to be!

(sorry windows/linux users)

OOOHHH Look at this: it's a site that tells you all the custom emojim that an instance has

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