Social.Coop sysadmin note 

@redoak cheers for sorting that :)

every so often i remember that time skate god rodney mullen compared linux to street skating

ハウス will forever have some of my favourite movie posters of all time

⚠️ I’ve confirmed with Google folks that the `<meta>` tag way of opting your website out of Google’s FLoC network does _not_ work. The HTTP header approaches for the different servers mentioned in ⁦⁩’s guide are currently the _only_ opt-out.

finally wrote the introductory blog post about that I'd been hoping to do for a while 🥳

@nikivi this is sublime - goosebumps from her voice, then the richness of the grand piano!

joanie lemercier / @Joanie - the problem of cryptoart

"It turns out my release of 6 CryptoArt works consumed in 10 seconds more electricity than the entire studio over the past 2 years."

Social.Coop Tech Working Group Meeting tomorrow! 

@redoak I've just updated the link to a room :) Hopefully it works!

TIRED: signed first edition of The Hobbit
WIRED: non-fungible Tolkein

bad: master/slave
better: leader/follower
uwsgi: the emperor process manages vassals. running it as root is called tyrant mode.
vassal configuration is discovered by imperial monitors. you can get metrics from the imperial bureau of statistics tech note 

@redoak yeah, worth noting down somewhere! Maybe a gitlab issue?

2021: "I'm here live, I'm not a cat"

2022: "I am a catboy lawyer, your honor."

I stole this video that depicts the interactions between dev teams and QA teams from twitter specifically so some of you here could share these relatable feels regardless of which side you relate to.

Happy Friday. I hope you have no deployments scheduled.

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