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I found some update notes which I think I wrote while following along at some point and I've pasted them onto the ops readme here: git.coop/social.coop/tech/oper

I don't think these are the notes you're thinking of so I'll keep looking but hopefully those notes are better than nothing..!

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I've just set up the email alias :)

found the login details by running `pass webarch.email`

@nicksellen @neil @flancian @redoak @edsu @jonny I am about as disengaged as possible without being completely unreachable 😅 Happy to join for onboarding though on the off-chance that I might be of use..!

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Should be fixed now! Looked like maybe ansible had been run with an old version of the wiki config which didn't have the social.coop oauth values so the wiki redirect was broken

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Oops, yeah something's gone awry there... I'll have a look

checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

a gritty modern take on Robin Hood where his parents are literally killed by an Invisible Hand

phone, de-FAANG, help/advice? 

@redoak yeah I installed /e/OS on a Samsung S8 recently and it worked pretty flawlessly (though camera quality fell through the floor)

new escape room: you are in bed and it's warm and cosy


I've waited two years for this and I'm not in any way disappointed

Developers, designers, assorted tech folk - take a look at this free two-day event being run by Code for San Jose on digital accessibility and inclusivity


@aral looks so sleek! I think I'm holding out for the framework laptop personally


@redoak yeah I can think of a few places I could reach now to which I haven't been to yet, so I'll almost certainly be back after a short break while I binge the soundtrack and bask in this good feeling haha

I've also heard that there are a few different endings and I can totally see myself digging into the wiki and watching speedruns and stuff

just finished hollow knight for the first time (67% completion) and WOW - what a feeling! I can't recommend it enough. Such incredible worldbuilding and gameplay...

Social.Coop sysadmin note 

@redoak cheers for sorting that :)

every so often i remember that time skate god rodney mullen compared linux to street skating

ハウス will forever have some of my favourite movie posters of all time

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