The right has long held that homelessness is a symptom - of a lack of self-control, a lack of foresight, of addiction, mental illness, etc - and therefore the solution to it is training, incarceration, rehab, or rigid discipline.

None of this stuff worked.


Thanks @redoak! Do we dare attempt a server upgrade in the time blocked out for our tech call in a couple hours' time..?



pukka three mint tea is the good stuff 🍡

Yeah it does sound like a massive pain πŸ˜… so I can totally see the logic in "outsourcing" that DRM removal work to people running Windows/macOS who don't need to fiddle with wine!

@nicksellen ooh, I've also had some experience with adobe DRM - did you use calibre (with plugins), or something else? tech meeting 

It's been heartening to come across so many banners across documentation sites for web development tools. A huge number of developers will be hitting these sites countless times daily to look things up during work β€” I've been one of them!

To highlight a few:

Last (but not least!), Netlify are matching donations up to $25,000 to a number of orgs:

2020 and browsers still cannot reliably resume paused or failed downloads

programming fonts? (req) tech meeting

I love this. I think it solves the problem of for me. Links to handy tools can live in my knowledge base, and links to blogs that I don't want to forget about can go in here, surfaced in my browser start page every so often.

Fascinated by this package for controlling ...

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it working. Not sure I'd use it regularly even if it did work, but I'd love to give it a spin!

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