It's lovely the day isn't it? Just back from the park, only about the 2nd day this year where you can be there without a coat.

@priryo Yeah! I ran a lap of the meadows this morning in SHORTS and it was glorious 🌞

@neil Indeed. Edinburgh Uni has some seriously wonderful workspaces 😃

@idmyn aw! I was there just three years ago :) is there any student movement towards Mastodon there now? Have fun at Beltane if you're going!

@douginamug Cool! I'm not aware of anybody using mastodon, but I don't even know many people using Twitter, so it might be my social circle haha

I didn't go to Beltane but I've been meaning to investigate it for a couple of years now...

@idmyn the only other Edinburgher I know is @wu_lee, but I guess you two might have met, being in the same instance and all.

I totally recommend you go, but you don't have to wait til next year to get a piece of the action: samhuinn is in autumn.

Also, I see you're into UX. I just finished "the design of everyday things" by Don Norman, which is certainly a bit dated (talks about floppy disks) but I really liked it.

@douginamug Indeed, @wu_lee recruited me for P2P Scotland (Loomio link below) which I recommend checking out if you're still in the area!


Well, I'll see if I can make it to at least one samhuinn or beltane before I finish uni haha

Thanks for the recommendation! I've seen it on various 'UX books for beginners' lists, so I'll get around to reading it at some point I'm sure :)

@idmyn @wu_lee @douginamug
I'm in Edinburgh too, though short of free time. I think I missed a p2p foundation meetup yesterday? Would appreciate being buzzed about any future events. Some of the docs on that site are interesting to me.

The best way to get notified currently is to join the group here:


If that's too noisy, perhaps I should consider creating some sort of announcements account somewhere.

@priryo @douginamug @idmyn

Yeah I might do that, but wary of more noise / commitments. (Or, lazy)
@idmyn @douginamug

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