Okay -- so @emi @mike_hales @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay and I are the team that will coordinate the joining of Meet.Coop and the set up of our Big Blue Button account. Seems like a good number and mix of people. Thanks for volunteering! Time/Date poll coming...

@Matt_Noyes I love the idea of helping out, but I'm already quite busy with things at Resonate! I can't commit to much more at the moment other than spectating and the occasional comment, but I'm down to be a stowaway on the ship

@emi @mike_hales @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay

@Matt_Noyes @hakanto @emi @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay
Meet.coop has a meeting Tuesday 12th 16:00 GMT, to begin forming a Community circle - ie a users' caucus. Social.coop BBB team may wish to join in.

@hakanto @emi @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay
Notes from meet.coop meeting yesterday
Discussion on forming a Community circle. @Matt_Noyes @LeoSammallahti and I were there.
This is to be discussed in meet.coop all-hands meeting tomorrow

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