2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 1/x 

it was a weird year and a pretty difficult one for raising kids, but we have been very lucky in regards to covid ourselves. and despite the difficulty and complications, overall it was a decent one for me.

it was yet again my best year as a freelancer; i don't love tech overall but i do love the freedom to spend an afternoon with my kids or gardening basically whenever, and continuing to be "successful" at this is how i get to do that.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 2/x 

i finally got off of facebook.

i ran a 10k, and even though i'd never done that before i almost hit my stretch goal for pace/time.

even though the pandemic disrupted my routine, i still ran more miles than in 2019.

i finally got on medication for my mental health problems and it's been SO good for me and the people who have to be around me.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 3/x 

we had a successful election in our DSA chapter in which i was not elected for anything - this was an important milestone for me after working to get that going for a couple years.

i was able to convince my wife to join in an awesome mutual aid project when a lot of important resources were shut down in the early days of the pandemic.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 4/x 

i got to go on some fun hikes with my kiddos, and teach String Bean to play chess.

they've become great buddies and playmates, and they're getting so big.

even though it's hard having everyone home all the time, it's been amazing to watch them developing their emotional intelligence, and become more and more mature little people.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 5/x 

we got a puppy!!!!!!!

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 6/7 

i'm doing this exercise in gratitude because i've been very frustrated the past week or two with little stresses and frictions and whatnot, but i want to continue to cultivate a mindset of abundance so that i can continue another thing i'm happy about this year; i really grew my comfort zone wrt sharing our good financial fortune with people who need it more than we do.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 7/8 

i hope this is received not as boastfulness but as (for some of you!) an invitation or encouragement to do the same.

at any rate, all we can do is try and keep trying. i'm optimistic about next year in many ways, but as always, there's a lot of work to do to make the world more kind and more just next year. i'm looking forward to doing what i can to help it along.

2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 8/8 

and to wrap this up, i am very grateful to this goof-ass platform for exposing me to so many thoughts and perspectives that have helped me grow since i joined. so many of the things i listed above owe at least a little bit of their success to mastodon, however improbable that sounds.

i wish all of you other delightful weirdos (and all three or four of you delightful normies) on this website the best in the new year. 鉂わ笍 馃挋 馃挌 馃挏馃А 馃挍 馃枻


2020 reflections (ph, mh/rx, job, etc) 8/8 

@redoak lovely thread :) Happy new year!

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