@idmyn i used to be a heavy user and have been trying out other methods for managing my notes... any chance you have a link to a changelog?

@redoak Ooh, what methods have you been looking at? I was a big fan of notational velocity before I moved to standard notes. NV has the advantage of extreme speed of access/modification, but I think (in my use-case) it was worth sacrificing for SN's richer features and robust (simple) cross-platform support


changelog here: github.com/standardnotes/deskt

@idmyn thanks!

i found myself wanting something closer to a personal wiki, with more features & editor customizability, so i've poked around at a few static site generators (i use vim anyway most of the day), but not really satisfied with anything yet and the friction has made my note-taking less thorough and thus less useful.


@redoak Interesting. I've found notion.so a useful tool for personal wiki-style notes and lists, but I can imagine a static site generator performing a very similar function without locking you in to (yet another) service. I can see how it would require a fair amount of thought at the outset to figure out a streamlined workflow, though...

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