It's absolutely insane that the uni library gets completely filled by 9:30am - there's even a culture of waking up early to come and claim a desk by leaving a single textbook and then going home to sleep some more.. Brutal to arrive at the end of the morning rush and see a stream of people LEAVING the library as you go in to search for the single remaining empty desk

Interesting to know. My partner had their outsider library pass suspended for the duration of exams, I guess you just explained why.
Claiming a seat then going away again is a dick move, though. Why all that effort to do nothing?


@priryo Sounds perfect! The best solution I could think up for the problem of people arriving to claim a seat and immediately leaving thereafter was to implement a policy that you couldn't hold a desk without leaving a coat on the chair (and rejecting anybody trying to enter the library with two coats). You're welcome to go back home for your nap but the walk would be COLD

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