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There’s something uniquely terrible about Stephen King movies

‪When another boy has become death, destroyer of worlds‬

whatcha thinkin' about?
*twiddles feet* skeletor stuff

as i relight my cigarette, you finally catch a glimpse of my face in the small flame's glow. my eyes are deep and intense. i lay the brief case on the bar counter. it opens to reveal a full set of crystal chess pieces. i begin to set them down on the counter in front of you, arranging them into a neat row. "these were hand crafted you know... one. by. one. ah." i hold one piece up to the light. "this one's my favorite..." i pause and take a long drag from my cigarette. "it's a widdle horsie uwu"

Thinking about what kind of ditch I want to dig next week

Starting a petition to have Freedom from Content added to the human rights charter

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