Look you can have universal healthcare or you can have this


You'll need universal healthcare after that...

@iamskye I’m... I’m tempted to take the ham. But, does eating this qualify as a pre-existing condition?

@iamskye and people laughed when I said #fatCoffee needed to come in “bacon ranch tostitos” flavor.

@iamskye can’t live without my caffeinated sandwich meat

@iamskye Empirical disproof of the efficient market hypothesis.

@scoots @iamskye it doesn’t seem to be a real product, but don’t despair! You can make it at home:

@vector @scoots @iamskye It's definitely fake. Just google the name on the bottom of the pack. :blobwink:


Well, monsters have to get their energy from somewhere. :)

@iamskye i want universal healthcare but also monster energy ham would be pretty cool if it was real

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