i saw a toot about it elsewhere but i can’t find it so: basically don’t trust mastodon for things you want to stay Actually Private. instance admins can read DMs, and instance admins can read the private posts of anyone their users follow. this is sort of inherent to the current architecture. and for all twitter’s sins, i trust the admins to not leak random people’s DMs more than i trust every instance admin ever.

@hierarchon Warning heeded, but I think it’s pretty likely twitter engineers look into people’s accounts for kicks too. Seems unlikely it’s encrypted.

@iamskye I can’t speak for Twitter, but at the company I used to work at this sort of data was encrypted and locked down, with monitoring for manual access.

@hierarchon That would make sense in terms of reputation considering all the celeb accounts on Twitter, I just don’t trust them to do anything ethical. Have there been any incidents regarding large/established instance admins leaking DMs?


@hierarchon That’s good, if this continues growing the importance of selecting an instance and the reputation of instances will probably be much better understood

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