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Working on a new banner/logo/title concept for #JustARobot today. Got a couple of different font options on the go... Which do you prefer?

#pixelart #gamedev

This is what my #Alakajam game looks like as of now, with ~18 hours remaining. I've mostly concentrated on the code and writing, and it is a functional but buggy game about a struggling farmer.

Well, maybe more of an interactive narrative thingy than a game...

#pixelart #gamedev #indiedev

Doing #Alakajam this weekend, though I feel thoroughly unprepared for it. It will be my first 48 hour jam - gotta try to keep things simple for a change!


So after shutting down Blender's channel for not being monetised, YouTube are now hitting me up for premium. I guess they must be strapped for cash!

Is anybody aware of any platform coops for artists - portfolio, commissions, print-on-demand, craft sales, things like that?

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