I'm surprised there aren't any print-on-demand services (like printful) or e-commerce storefronts (like gumroad or shopify). Well, I'm not really that surprised. I guess this is my roundabout way of asking if there are <those things>, and I just can't find them?

@hyperlinkyourheart Collective Copies does print-on-demand books. WorX co-op does t-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc.

@ntnsndr would probably know about any e-commerce platforms existing or in the works...

@GuerillaOntologist WorX maybe! It's that kind of thing I'm after rather than books. Thanks for the suggestions!


I'm not sure what exactly is ment by "e-commerce storefronts", but if you look for an #coop online-marketplace (like eBay)
-> yeah, #Fairmondo is such a thing!

@Stoori allready gave the link for the original (German) Project, and in the #UK there's also #FairmonoUK

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