first they came for the nazis, and i said "thanks for getting rid of the nazis"

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I'm surprised there aren't any print-on-demand services (like printful) or e-commerce storefronts (like gumroad or shopify). Well, I'm not really that surprised. I guess this is my roundabout way of asking if there are <those things>, and I just can't find them?

*When someone asks me what's the fediverse*

"You see, it's like our oceans. We've got the Pacific, Artic, Indian, but all of them are just filled with the same water.
We've got Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, they all are connected the same way, but contains different sorts of species, different currents, different names at different places.
you don't know where exactly each ocean ends, but everything is filled with the same lovely people, mate"

Worked on this some more and added some human beings that I'm not particularly happy with. Only originally planned on the diver...

#pixelart #mastoart Cooperative Marketing + Promo Group forming to serve small cooperatives and women led businesses.

The plan is to put together a group of people with the skills to build marketing campaigns for coops etc.

The goal is to put together a few inexpensive packages for smaller businesses to choose from as a monthly subscription service.

Private security infiltration tactics 

Good longread by the Intercept about the infiltration of the DAPL resistance movement by private security firms, and the damage it causes.

Reworking this piece a bit to remove the computed gradient and improve the colours. Not sure what direction to go with the colours though...


I've just added Ed in the Shed to my long neglected portfolio on Game Jolt. Check it out if you missed it during Movie Jam

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #pixelart

I missed a few great let's plays of Dirt recently - first one by Level Joy who really seemed to appreciate what I was going for.

#gamedev #alakajam #indiedev

Dirt is now available on GameJolt if that's your preferred #indiegame portal - plus it has had a few nice graphical tweaks!

Play now:

#pixelart #gamedev

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