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materialism -> tech inspirations 

Just got a new pair of my favorite headphones in the mail, and I'm remembering how music sounds by perusing the FunkWhale demo. Looks like it's time to set up a FunkWhale instance! >:)

Hi folks! Great to be here! Had been looking to join for quite a while now. I'm very interested in the appropriate application of technology to the cooperative space.

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The Community Working Group has approved re-opening the instance to new member applications, so the Ops team will be working on getting the process up and running this week. We're starting with a test "soft opening" inviting some folks who have reached out over the last few months asking to be notified when we re-open.

If that goes well and the process flow feels clear, we'll start accepting applications more broadly.

A Fediverse instance for people interested in cooperative and collective projects.