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Do you shut the toilet lid before flushing? (To be clear, I’m talking about the *lid*, not the seat.)

Plz retoot for science

I think I need to give myself permission to order groceries on weeks when going grocery shopping is hard. Otherwise I just end up ordering delivery and telling myself I’ll go shopping “tomorrow” which seems worse in almost every way.

The finches don’t stop by at all if there are no hulled seeds. The starlings will keep checking for several days and then fly off disappointed.

But as soon as I replenish the hulled seeds, the finches are back at it immediately. Even if they’re buried amongst shell-on ones!

I never catch them checking when the seeds aren’t there. But they always know immediately when I’ve replaced them! How are they doing it?

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I’m so confused and impressed by these house finches.

They don’t like seeds with shells. I think my neighborhood finches are lazy, because the internet says they should have no problem eating seeds with shells. Nevertheless, these little jerks refuse.

I don’t always keep the feeder stocked with the hulled ones. They’re expensive, plus they attract starlings.

Dear iOS devs: Please assume I want to give your app access to a small selection of photos, as necessary, and I want to adjust it on the fly. My photo library is too sensitive to give complete access.

Too many apps I have to adjust the selection in Settings, force close the app, and then relaunch. It’s annoying!

The story of how I broke into my high school's newspaper lab at 1AM to fix the formatting of an image in our EPS file is about to be published in a young adult novel (with some "creative liberties" taken, apparently).

I think this is one of my all-time most on brand stories.

Do you speak Hindi, Romanian, Slovak, Italian, or Dutch? We're looking for additional volunteers to ensure we have continued translation coverage for these languages in SecureDrop.

See this Localization Lab overview to get started:

My apartment is absolutely littered with pint mason jars that I filled with water, thinking, "I better hydrate," and then just left somewhere.

Rewatching old (by which I mean first few years of revival) Doctor Who eps and this is still one of my fave moments:

Tenth Doctor: I just want a mate.
Donna: You just want to mate??
Ten: I just want *a* mate!
Donna: You're not mating with me, sunshine!
Ten: *A* mate! I want *a* mate!
Donna: Well, just as well, because I'm not having any of that nonsense!

Three seasons of companions falling in love with the Doctor gets tiresome. This bit is a breath of fresh air. The best Doctor/companion pair.

This toot from three years ago is potentially my most popular toot this week, so here it is for anyone who *didn’t* scroll back in my feed to enjoy as well:

Considering upgrading my keyboard. What do people like? Do you love mechanical keyboards? Fully programmable ones? Pitch me on why they’re great!

One fun thing about posting from a recently resurrected account is suddenly having posts popping off from three years ago as people find me and scroll back through my feed! It’s like new content to me too!

Just spent 1½ hours trying to figure out why React.useState wasn’t working for me only to discover it was working, but the React dev tools won’t display _-prefixed properties, which is all my object was made of 🤦🏻‍♀️

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