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He keeps flying in, grabbing one seed, and then flying off. Skittish baby 😍

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Can't believe after all those posts I forgot to include a link to the membership form. Here it is:

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This whistle is very loud, for the record. It is an outdoor whistle. Like an off-the-grid-and-lost-in-the-woods whistle.

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Here's something I've been helping out with for the past couple weeks.

Freedom of the Press Foundation has launched a membership program. You can connect with a community of defenders of Press Freedom and also get SWAG.

I can guarantee the swag is top notch. Wearing my extra soft (and stylish!) FPF hoodie right now.

Not to brag too much, but I designed this logo and now you get to wear it.

Freedom of the Press Foundation is launching a *membership program*! We have member events and all the swag.

If you sign up by May 3 (World Press Freedom Day) our first member event is a talk with Daniel Ellsberg.

Crazy Rich Asians walked so Everything Everywhere All At Once could run.

I made Sole Meunière with scallions and rustic potato chips. Very happy with the result.

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I bought some sole this week because I’m experimenting with eating less red meat and more fish, but I have never actually cooked sole (or any white fish, really) before. Anyone got good recipes or techniques?

Mac friends: I know there's a non-sketchy free tool out there for opening/converting .eml files. Anyone know what I'm talking about? (Boosts appreciated.)

After going down an internet rabbit hole this week, my new fixation is to try a Gros Michel banana.

This was the most common species of banana until the '50s when Panama disease wiped out many plantations and it was supplanted by the now common Cavendish banana.

Supposedly it's more flavorful and closer to the taste we associate with banana candy.

A couple things bugging me this time around about Mastodon:

* Instead of DMs we have posts “visible only to people I mention.” Ok, fine. But the official client doesn’t give any indication whether one of my posts is private or not? Just trying to give me a heart attack.
* No QT functionality. Maybe I’ll get used to using replies instead, but I always kinda hated RTs on Twitter and wanted people to do more QTs. I follow people for their perspective and voice, not streams of reshares.

Elon Musk stepping into the Twitter board meeting this morning

Hello, Mastodon! Been a few years. What’s the state of the art on people’s favorite clients these days?

@SocialCoop Looks like our instance is a few versions behind! Are there plans to get upgrades installed? (Among other features, I'm looking forward to @keybase verifying my account.)

some are born with gold teeth, some achieve gold teeth, and some

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