This is such a good peach season, too, at least up here in MA. Every week I've gotten peaches from the farmers' market and every week they're better than the last. This week's are ambrosial.

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@Matt_Noyes I was gonna make that later this week, but with tomatoes instead. Now I feel like I’m being unadventurous!

Fediverse, help me decide what to make for meals for the next few days with my zucchini and summer squash:

Could not resist buying this absolute unit of a tomato at the farmers’ market this morning

@cincodenada Yeah, I was pretty surprised. Like, can't they refer you to a local lab to get that done? (Her whole fertility process has featured, to my surprise, very little handholding. She also had to learn to give herself injections with very little training.)

@cincodenada My partner who had to undergo a bunch of fertility testing, including a blood draw, actually did have a lab send her basically a phlebotomy kit and she was just like, "... what am I supposed to do with this?"

(She ended up finding a nurse friend who was willing to draw her blood for her.)

@cincodenada It's a little round bug that sticks to your shoulder for a couple minutes while a vial attached to the bottom fills with your blood! They claim it's fairly painless!

@afr I honestly find myself wondering if the whale is like some sort of sexual symbol in some internet subcommunity I’m not aware of

TIL Nokia started in 1865 as a pulp mill 🀯

I need an index of weirdly old companies. I have now Nokia (1865, paper mill) and Nintendo (1889, playing cards).

β€œWe don’t rely on people in the U.S. to filter their water individually; we provide clean, safe drinking water. I think it’s time to start thinking about our indoor air in the same way.”

Has anyone yet solved the problem of your bowl getting hotter in the microwave than your soup?

@greypilgrim Not sure "I went to a party and then was like 'wow that was a mediocre party not worth getting sick for'" is living in fear, exactly.

Certainly not the biggest bummer of the pandemic, but it is a bummer that every mediocre social outing now comes with a feeling of, β€œugh, that wasn’t worth the risk budget.”

By request from @jwisser, unboxing vids. Couldn't manage to get them processed on my masto account, so you'll have to enjoy them on the birdsite instead

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