Doctor Who rewatch: I'm realizing this show is just one trolley problem after another—generally resolved with either a deus ex machina, or the person on the tracks *asking* to be run over.

This sounds like a critique, but it isn't. I love the trolley problem.

I deliberately made myself a healthy food that I can eat all week and all I’m craving is delivery junk food. Who made this stupid body with its stupid desires?

Love to be at the stage in life where I get this message from a friend

@jotaemei Designers should be more principled about refusing anti-user work! It’s not autoplay in browsers that bugs me (especially since browsers now have protections against playing sound unprompted) as much as not having control over pausing or skipping through long videos (see Instagram reels, TikTok, etc.)

When did designers decide it was acceptable to not let users skip through or pause videos? Why are we allowing this anti-pattern to get entrenched?

Our parent org, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is now also home to Dangerzone, a tool developed by @micahflee that lets you convert potentially dangerous PDF files, images, and office documents into safe PDFs:

As part of this transition to FPF stewardship, we're also looking for a part-time developer for Dangerzone (6 month contract, $40K fixed budget, schedule is yours to propose). If you're interested, please consider applying!

I also liked “Face The Raven,” the episode leading up to it. Love a narrative that starts as a romp and takes a dark turn.

It's tricky to execute—it needs to be properly but unaggressively foreshadowed. It should feel earned, but still pack an emotional punch. I felt that.

Tbh, a lot of credit due to how Maisie Williams played the scene.

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In my “rewatch” I've finally reached the bit of Doctor Who where I stopped watching in the past (series nine, Capaldi's second season).

“Heaven Sent” is actually pretty good. Like kinda I-want-to-watch-that-again-immediately good. Capaldi really hit his stride.

Almost shaved to go to a contra dance tonight and then remembered I was gonna be masked anyway. Live to be lazy another day!

@jwisser Weirdly the ones on twitter are inverted. Are twitter users more sanitary? 😱

@juliana @cobalt whoa! I didn’t know about newer toilets minimizing this

@jwisser I did not until I had a partner who trained me to do so 😅

Do you shut the toilet lid before flushing? (To be clear, I’m talking about the *lid*, not the seat.)

Plz retoot for science

I think I need to give myself permission to order groceries on weeks when going grocery shopping is hard. Otherwise I just end up ordering delivery and telling myself I’ll go shopping “tomorrow” which seems worse in almost every way.

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