Love to be at the stage in life where I get this message from a friend

I’m so confused and impressed by these house finches.

They don’t like seeds with shells. I think my neighborhood finches are lazy, because the internet says they should have no problem eating seeds with shells. Nevertheless, these little jerks refuse.

I don’t always keep the feeder stocked with the hulled ones. They’re expensive, plus they attract starlings.

The story of how I broke into my high school's newspaper lab at 1AM to fix the formatting of an image in our EPS file is about to be published in a young adult novel (with some "creative liberties" taken, apparently).

I think this is one of my all-time most on brand stories.

Here's something I've been helping out with for the past couple weeks.

Freedom of the Press Foundation has launched a membership program. You can connect with a community of defenders of Press Freedom and also get SWAG.

I can guarantee the swag is top notch. Wearing my extra soft (and stylish!) FPF hoodie right now.

Not to brag too much, but I designed this logo and now you get to wear it.

Crazy Rich Asians walked so Everything Everywhere All At Once could run.

I made Sole Meunière with scallions and rustic potato chips. Very happy with the result.

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Elon Musk stepping into the Twitter board meeting this morning

some are born with gold teeth, some achieve gold teeth, and some

Worth a note that this is not just a case of Democrats being more prolific tweeters in general. Here are the top hashtags from the past 30 days instead of 24 hours.

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Democrats in congress seem to be going all out today tweeting about voting. Republicans not so much.

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