It's probably weird how excited I am about this email, right?

@harris I mean maybe but it's my kind of weird. I wanna contribute to science!!! I literally checked the clinical trials clearinghouse before going on HRT just in case, but everything they had required you to have been on it for a we wait 😂

@harris Also what is a blood collection kit like? I initially imagined a full-on phlebotomist needle setup and was like how?? But then realized it's probably more like the finger-pick iron test before you donate blood.

@cincodenada It's a little round bug that sticks to your shoulder for a couple minutes while a vial attached to the bottom fills with your blood! They claim it's fairly painless!

@cincodenada My partner who had to undergo a bunch of fertility testing, including a blood draw, actually did have a lab send her basically a phlebotomy kit and she was just like, "... what am I supposed to do with this?"

(She ended up finding a nurse friend who was willing to draw her blood for her.)

@harris Oh, wild! I didn't think that would actually be the case ever - I've donated enough blood in my day that I feel like I could manage, but I doubt that's most people's experience!

@cincodenada Yeah, I was pretty surprised. Like, can't they refer you to a local lab to get that done? (Her whole fertility process has featured, to my surprise, very little handholding. She also had to learn to give herself injections with very little training.)

@harris Weird, yeah, I'd totally expect those to be lab referrals. You'd think esp with something as fraught and resource-intensive as fertility they'd want to make extra sure things are done correctly!

@harris Oh, somewhere in between! Very fancy, love the giant plastic mosquito friend, thanks!

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