I think I need to give myself permission to order groceries on weeks when going grocery shopping is hard. Otherwise I just end up ordering delivery and telling myself I’ll go shopping “tomorrow” which seems worse in almost every way.

@harris Ordering groceries has become my go-to. Healthier and cheaper than ordering delivery every day, but more convenient than trying to navigate shopping in person in the age of COVID and without a car.

@harris Yes! For contexts where it's feasible, I'm a huge fan of splurging a bit and/or doing the suboptimal thing if it gets me closer to the habits I'm trying to set.

For me, that often means quick/easy frozen meals (bless you, Trader Joe's) and mealkits - actually mealplanning and grocerying is the goal, but having those available means if I'm tired/time-crunched, I'm more likely to grab one of them instead of doing takeout yet again.

Or other days, it means ordering takeout so I have enough energy (and motivation) to do some other hard energy-sapping thing I need to do!

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