I’m so confused and impressed by these house finches.

They don’t like seeds with shells. I think my neighborhood finches are lazy, because the internet says they should have no problem eating seeds with shells. Nevertheless, these little jerks refuse.

I don’t always keep the feeder stocked with the hulled ones. They’re expensive, plus they attract starlings.

The finches don’t stop by at all if there are no hulled seeds. The starlings will keep checking for several days and then fly off disappointed.

But as soon as I replenish the hulled seeds, the finches are back at it immediately. Even if they’re buried amongst shell-on ones!

I never catch them checking when the seeds aren’t there. But they always know immediately when I’ve replaced them! How are they doing it?

@harris 1) they are absolutely being lazy. 😂
2) Is it possible they live somewhere they can see when you pull the feeder in?

@jwisser Maybe, but I’m not consistent about what I fill it with! Maybe their eyesight is good enough that they can tell even from a distance. Or maybe they’re just quick enough at checking that I don’t catch them at it.

@harris The hulled and unhulled seeds should be pretty distinct even as a distant blob of color, right?

@jwisser I usually bury the hulled ones underneath the unhulled ones. Might still be visible though, yeah. The shells are black, the hearts are light.

@harris Also, I'm wondering if there may be a spot above your window where they can look directly down into the feeder without you seeing them.

@jwisser ohhhhh that might explain why I sometimes think I hear birds landing but don’t see them at the window

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