Dear iOS devs: Please assume I want to give your app access to a small selection of photos, as necessary, and I want to adjust it on the fly. My photo library is too sensitive to give complete access.

Too many apps I have to adjust the selection in Settings, force close the app, and then relaunch. It’s annoying!

@harris I have literally never even tried this feature, but then there's nothing interesting in my photos. Do you give access to a particular album? Or how does it work?

@jwisser You can choose them one by one. The better apps give you direct access to the interface for doing so. Instagram, of all apps, gets this right. (For the rest you go into Settings > Privacy > Photos > APP and choose “Selected Photos Only” and it will let you manage the selection.

@jwisser Mastodon’s iOS app bypasses this issue by just using the OS’s provided image picker. The app itself doesn’t need (or ask for) persistent access to photos at all. This is also a good solution.

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