Considering upgrading my keyboard. What do people like? Do you love mechanical keyboards? Fully programmable ones? Pitch me on why they’re great!

@harris I have a mechanical keyboard with MX Cherry Blues but would love to upgrade to a split ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

There are some examples like de ErgoDox EZ or ZSA Moonlander.

@harris I don’t know about the programmability (I use a lot of Keyboard Maestro and Text Expander shortcuts and such but nothing to customize the keyboard), but I swear by the Unicomp modern Model M style mechanicals. They feel fantastic and withstand abuse like no other. They are loud though. Wife and co-workers, back when I had them, said they can tell when I’m trying with anger or frustration 😆

@harris If you work from home, a WASD brand keyboard with Cherry Reds. Happy to provide the files I used for keycap captions. :-p

@harris Shinobi Tex is by far my favorite keyboard ever made!

It has all of the keys and a trackpoint. Really ergonomic too!

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