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if you followed recently, please know I will be deleting this account as soon as I make new arrangements.

In the meantime I'll be here:

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It's been a ride, thank you all for the friendships and the good times.

Here's a little letter.

I'll be around in the fediverse.

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lol what an oopsie, i said people had trouble making connections "for whatever reason" when what i really meant was that modern capitalism has atomized, isolated, and exhausted us so efficiently that most of us don't remember what living in community looks like or never had a chance to learn. gosh, silly me!

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"The timorous sailor has no dependence on a painted stern"...

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El día de ayer cerca de 30,000 compañerxs de gritamos en repudio a las agresiones que sufrieron el lunes estudiantes que se manifestaban en Rectoría.

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@Matt_Noyes I don't find the satirical very interesting, although he may have been best known for that. I find his first book of Odes and commentary on historical events more interesting.

You may appreciate the poignancy of Ode XIV, in these days of disarray in governance, palace intrigue, and coups d'etat.

1. Page 34

2. Page 35

@Matt_Noyes No, I share a name with the author since earlier, since birth. That makes for some reading long before you develop an interest in economics and politics.

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I feel like nothing can emulate the public square unless it emulates proximity. I don’t think humans have readily adapted to a Borg consciousness of the world’s anguish.

It’s like violence. You have to look away almost reflexively, or you sit in it so long it dramatically affects how you see the real world. It does harm as it reshapes you.

This isn’t the public square. This is negative stimulus amplification over years and years

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birdsite, TERFs, nazi 

just signal boosting bc apparently the terfs are stealing nazi tactics again. please use your keys and not your hands to rip down stickers!!!

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And while white people continue to complain about bullshit, #BlackLivesMatter gets another murderer with a badge off the streets.

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I've noticed that if you point out certain facts, people look at you funny - maybe cos it would cause them to reevaluate their actions or beliefs, so they prefer to pretend issues don't exist. Never started as a conspiracy theorist just very skeptical of tech firms. And now MSM.

Coops; imposter syndrome; prospects; fear; feeling irrelevant 

@vertigo Arrangements needed to make a person comfortable working in a nurturing environment are definitely something that some coops can provide if they're developed with a sense of purpose, intentionally enabling everybody to contribute their best.

The real problem is the last question in your toot, the duration of the gap between now and the time when you can sustain a comparable lifestyle is uncertain. Emphasis on *sustain*.

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Coops; imposter syndrome; prospects; fear; feeling irrelevant 

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