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I'm not sure Aral understands DuckDuckGo is not exactly a browser (they have "DuckDuckGo App" for Android only and it comes with several non-browser things), that Apple was named as one of the biggest contributors to the surveillance state in the Snowden revelations, and that Mozilla doesn't get paid "hundreds of millions" from Google.
I should double check, but most of this (if not all of it) seems counterfactual at best, and it looks like misdirected animosity.


If you need to generate 64-bit truly random numbers what's the easiest possible design for a reliable random number generator in hardware?
Internet-connected solutions aren't considered reliable/trusted.
Pictured below, an Intel RNG higher level diagram, using the Johnson-Nyquist thermal noise effect.
But I have the feeling that something even simpler can be achieved, perhaps using two 32-bit ADCs that are themselves capable of amplifying the noise of two resistors.


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Re: Thermal Random Number Generator

This is such a useful and regularly needed subsystem that it would make total sense to make it an external device attachable to any of the computers that need to consume random numbers.

This is an Intel design, how hard would it be to place an MCU pulling numbers at the FIFO and sending them over SPI to whoever wants them?


There's also this strip of 144 programmable LEDs for about $60. That slashes down the cost of the previously mentioned display by a third. Then, 48k pixels for a total
$20,480 is still not a great idea. hahah


pulp comic 


uspol, posotus, WWF, wildlife (j/k) 

Michael Cohen can now be added to the WWF's list of endangered species.

This could make great self-parody, if the guy tweeting about it didn't have the largest arsenal in history of mankind at his disposal.

(trigger warning: Trump tweeting about Michael Cohen) social.coop/media/YJ7S8_odvuyJ

pope statement (trigger warning) 

Re: Pope Francis' statement on child rape cover ups

It's taken decades and it's still going to take a while more, but bit by bit the most horrific crimes begin to be recognised as such. Words lack to describe the depth of depravity and rottenness of destroyers of child lives on a global scale. Justice is impossible, nothing will heal thousands of lives they ruined. But we may begin to make further crimes against humanity impossible too.



Yeah lovely kitten. Now if you could quit murdering people that would be nice. social.coop/media/pfb0Ac1_hWU2

Few respected security people have been more mistaken. When the error is so large it's inevitable to wonder about motives. social.coop/media/1bqsZKav665W

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