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@h Just Say No To Facebook...

Facebook, Not Even Once...

You Wouldn't Post A Status Update...


but what about whatsup or messenger ?

@h Maybe I'm spoiling the party if I suggest they're on Snapchat/Instagram/Whatsapp? Different target, same lousy services. She should've asked that immediately after. I don't even think they've thought through it as a choice. Teenagers or young adults move where the party is. Also, I think teenagers and young people are the most easily influenced people, after kids. The need of being part of a group is much higher when you're young, despite what's usually said about young rebelliousness, etc.

@antonlopez You have a point, but those other applications are nowhere near the level of mass harvesting of private data that the Facebook social network previously enabled.
There's still good reason to be hopeful about the death of the Facebook social network in the future.

@h IDK. What about Google? Also, maybe they're not on FB right now, but that doesn't mean they won't be in the future, when their peers change their minds. G, FB etc., should be burned down into ashes. Well, better said: they should be rejected by everyone and thus die from starvation. Ugh.

Yeah, but how many of them get used by Instagram, not realising it _is_ Facebook?
Oh I'm pretty sure all of the above are doing just about the same level of data harvesting as Facebook. Perhaps the difference being they lack embedded JavaScript on almost all websites. But Instagram is surely up to speed soon on that aspect.
(Or WhatsApp for that matter)

Compare this with Sweden also where it's pretty much required by fellow students and sometimes even encouraged by teachers to join Facebook groups for the courses you take.
@mmn Yeah.
Very unfortunately, I need to have WhatsApp for my group activities
Very unfortunately, I need to have WhatsApp for my group activities
Very unfortunately, I need to have WhatsApp for my group activities
@h I think things might be turning in our favor.

@bob The kids are all right. 💪

@shekkiesqueaks I'm curious as to whether geographical and age differences are substantial among Facebook's demographics.

@h much many probably. I'd think places like- well ok most places that aren't landlocked would have a higher magic find chance of students who care (as opposed to a podunk nowhere college)

then again I'm also pulling things out of nowhere and it's probably way more complicated than that so skludgjanhmfdg

@h really really, is execellent.  Good good.

@coloco Ver toot anterior en el mismo hilo. Ya hablé sobre eso. 😃