Trekkies attend Klingon language lecture in Taipei

via @ryusei

[I don't care much for the pop culture aspects, or about linguistics of the Klingon language, but this is very interesting to me from an anthropological point of view, because of the continued existence of Klingon a constructed language around the world]

@h @ryusei I would be interested to know what Klingonists think of the Klingon pronunciation and prosody sounds in ST:DIS.

I can't say that I know any Klingon, but to my untrained ear it sounds slow and guttural compared to e.g. how Christopher Lloyd spoke it.

@clacke @ryusei No idea, and I'm really not very interested in the linguistics of it as I said before. More curious about the anthropology of it. If "anthropos" even applies to alien culture 😃

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