Trekkies attend Klingon language lecture in Taipei

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[I don't care much for the pop culture aspects, or about linguistics of the Klingon language, but this is very interesting to me from an anthropological point of view, because of the continued existence of Klingon a constructed language around the world]

If the Klingon language took off around the time that Star Trek The Next Generation aired, that means that in the span of approximately 24 years since the TV series last aired, it has been wildly successful as a constructed language, covering the entire world, disseminated as part of a subculture where it's applied as part of a mythology and the cultural phenomenon of a collaboratively constructed universe (independently of the fiercely controlled IP rights of Rodenberry's successors)

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Recent estimates say that Esperanto has anywhere between 2 million and 10 million speakers as a second language. And Esperanto has been around since 1887. How long until Klingon matches the success of Esperanto, in a much shorter timespan?

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It seems that one possible formula for the creation of a truly international, non-eurocentric constructed lang would be to create a mythology first --just like modern nation-states did--- and then build a constructed lang on top, that is apt to communicate the shared experiences of the communities that have an interest in a common mythology.
it may always be an uphill battle against the circular self-referential motive that haunts communities built around general purpose constructed languages.

If community and mythology go first, a constructed language appears to have a much better chance of long term viability.

(so you don't die of boredom talking to people whose only common experience is using Esperanto to talk about Esperanto)

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One of things that has me so caught up in learning #tokipona is the philosophy of positivity and simplicity behind it.

While admittedly different than pop culture, it gives you a lot more than set of rules to dig into.

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