GitLab’s “mirror to GitHub” should be available in the Community Edition, not just the Enterprise Edition

It means that IndieWeb folks can use it to POSSE their source code and GitLab would get tons of free publicity through GitHub. It would also incentivise better decentralisation without losing the benefits of publishing a copy on a centralised platform.

If you agree, please upvote the re-opening and implementation of this issue:

#gitlab #github #git #indieweb

@aral I agree. I'm not sure what could be Google's reason to do it the way they did other than a pact of non-aggression with Github from their earlier association to migrate all of the archaic Google Code stuff.

@h You mean GitLab, right, please tell me they weren’t bought by Google… (*worriedly goes to check*) #couldhappen

@aral Depends what you mean by 'bought'. They got $20 million from Google Ventures not long ago.

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