With Christopher Allen and I co-authoring github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebo I now have a name collision bound to a conference which was largely about avoiding those

@cwebber You guys should get namespaces of your own. That reminds me of the early days of the community when it was hard to find any documentation in English because Sam Ruby (a then well-known Java developer) had practically colonised the Ruby namespace all over the web.

@h That's what DIDs are for! One jokie of the conference was "Christopher Allan Webber got interested in DIDs because of name collisions with Christopher Allen" (There's also a Chris Webber out there I collide with in the DevOps space... sigh, shoulda taken my spouse's last name, but ironically I didn't do so because I didn't want to change my *username* on systems!)

@h (Note that while the conference was largely about DIDs, this particular paper is not! Though I did write another one about them.)

@cwebber Well that's kind of what purl used to be about. Now I see other people are using keybase.io for the same purpose, but they rarely post their public key. So it's basically a web URL that can be broken.
Maybe IPFS's mutability tool IPNS can help with that in the future.


@cwebber Oh I wasn't too far off then! That sounds like the best idea I've seen to solve this sort of situation so far.

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