"I want us to do better. I want to feel like we are responsible for each other's transformation. Not the transformation from vibrant flawed humans to bits of ash, but rather the transformation from broken people and communities to whole ones... All these mass and intimate punishments keep us small and fragile. And right now our movements and the people within them need to be massive and complex and strong."
-- adrienne maree brown

@h We both learned the expression from Capital, it seems.

@Matt_Noyes No, I share a name with the author since earlier, since birth. That makes for some reading long before you develop an interest in economics and politics.

@h What is your favorite work by Horace? (Looking for a recommendation, since I never read him.)

@Matt_Noyes I don't find the satirical very interesting, although he may have been best known for that. I find his first book of Odes and commentary on historical events more interesting.

You may appreciate the poignancy of Ode XIV, in these days of disarray in governance, palace intrigue, and coups d'etat.

1. Page 34

2. Page 35



"Look to yourself, unless you are destined to be the sport of the winds. O thou, so lately my trouble and fatigue, but now an object of tenderness and solicitude, mayest thou escape those dangerous seas which flow among the shining Cyclades."

-Horace Ode 14


"The timorous sailor has no dependence on a painted stern"...

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