Does anyone know about computer music production tools? I was wondering if there was a program where you could sort of layer things and save a project like that (not like a drum machine type thing but just arbitrarily place things if that makes sense) also I don't have a clue what I'm talking about so sorry if this sounds stupid

@nico It makes total sense, not a bad idea at all. Such software exists and some such applications are available for free.
You could start with Audacity.

Here's an intro / tutorial

Here's the software

If you're on Linux, your system may already have it installed or likely available through a package manager.

@h thank you, that tutorial looks super handy

I've heard of Audacity but I thought it was much more basic (but I've no real experience of recording or production so)

Thanks again

@nico Audacity can be real simple to get simple things done. There's no need to learn all knobs and pulls, bells and whistles.
Say, for example, fading in background music, overlaying a speech, fading out music. That can be done with just three basic functions.

It's hard to imagine editing that's simpler than that. Professional production is like seventy thousand million times more complex, to give you an idea 😃

@nico Indeed 😃

To give you an idea, this is what a semi-professional (commercially available) tool like Propellerhead's Reason looks like

It sounds amazing, but the complexity of it and the involvement necessary to master more advanced tools is unaffordable for casual users in terms of time investment.

@h yeah i'm just a punk kid turned old, I need the path of least resistance

@nico Audacity it is then.

Only one single recommendation:

Make sure you save versions often, use folders to organise, and descriptive names to label your files. You can always delete versions you don't like later.

When you're making your first experience and you still don't know your way around very well, it's harder to re-create something you overwrote, or something you didn't save.

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