Idea for somebody else to implement, if they haven't implemented it already:

Peertube instance that (in addition to uploading files) lets you paste a Youtube link, that instance downloads the specified video from Youtube, and makes it available on the Peertube network.

This could go a long way towards preserving a lot of worthy user-generated content that Youtube is holding hostage.

@h  You can download youtube videos using VLC

@js290 Please read what I tooted again and analyse whether downloading Youtube videos using VLC is in any way a substitute for what I said.

@h  Here's the part of your post that I caught: "Idea for somebody else to implement..."

@js290 Just in case our client is cutting the text short, here's a screen capture of the toot in its entirety.

@wxS6f Like hooktube, but not yet another silo.

A Peertube instance that steals from Youtube and gives back to the peasants.


@h and the next iteration of that idea, input a YouTube account name and grab all videos of the account. To make it easy for creators to move their creations over.


Yes a hundred times this. I am a curator of a video channel with thousands of live entertainment videos attached to a weekly variety show we ran for about five years. I would love to move this content somewhere more open.


@RussSharek @chotee @h youtube-dl already accepts a user link as input, or at least it did about a year ago


Good tip.

Thing that would be helpful is something to automate the tagging, uploading, etc. To peertube or in the cases of wholly original content.

@chotee @h

@OliverUv I'm aware of all that. A command line tool is not the same thing as a decentralised video sharing system.

@chotee @RussSharek

@Chocobozzz @h woah this is exciting! is this live on an instance anywhere yet?!

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