ICYMI: Freedombone is a home server system that enables you to **easily** self-host a variety of free software applications.
It's awesome that the Freedombone supports Gogs, the web based management tool.
A great alternative for many people who aren't heavy git users and want to use a completely decentralised and lightweight system.

Here's how to use Gogs on Freedombone

Questions? Just ask @bob

@h @bob I still need to take time to play with freedombone, thanks for the reminder!

@h @bob

the gitea alternative is literally less that 2 minutes away to working on your box just the way it is.


wget -O gitea dl.gitea.io/gitea/1.4.2/gitea-
chmod +x gitea

./gitea web



@gemlog @h A proper setup including at least a specific unix user, a systemd service, a TLS certificate and a proper backup service will take you at least 2 hours to setup.

@Ninjatrappeur @h For your own use, you can play with it straight away though.
There is a copy/pasta for systemd in the instructions.
Letsencrypt is quite fast to do and, in my case, rsync is on cron every few hours already. There must be other things that take up more time -- I've never needed to set up a public git service, so I'll take your word for it.
Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think even 4hrs would be too much to pay to control your own data ;-)

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