Canadian researcher Dr. Evelyn Forget says guaranteed income “works as an antidepressant.”

"Hospitalizations due to mental illness fell as much as 8.5 percent” during a UBI trial in the 70s. Today, depression rates are climbing along with inequality. The U.N. agrees that we need to focus less on chemical imbalances and more on power imbalances."

(via Vice, FWIW)

id tottaly say the reverse... the fight of the state against the poor and their means of survival creates mental illness... basic income will give way too much power to the state... besides being one of the most selfish mesures western states could implement against the poor in the south continents...

@ajeremias @h economic imbalance between countries is awful but we also nneed to work to fix economic imbalance within countries


to work to fix? economics ia not software... u cant just fix it... u have to standup and fight... :anarchism:

@ajeremias @h "Im against small improvements because they arent big improvements"

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