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@h indeed.

It's not all bad. It's a good example of why an open CPU (or instruction set or whatever the correct term is for RISC-V), even if a chip vendor goes the wrong direction, you don't have to change chips :)

(just have to find a new vendor)

@jjg At least up to the last unencumbered version. Taking any bets how long it will take until encumbered RISCV chips using Intel microcode inundate the market under the RISCV brand confusing the public?

@h kind of what happened to eh?

Good reason to stick to the open instructions.

@jjg Can we have actual hardware that runs it though, if Intel acquire one by one the leading vendors before they're too expensive to bribe or destroy?

@jjg I mean I know that the ultimate goal is to follow Jeri's and Zeloof's lead (for which I got mocked the other day... ha-ha-ha)
But we're needing some things that help to bridge the sorry now with the brighter future.

@h who is Jeri & Zeloof?

h @h

@jjg Jeri Ellsworth: First to fabricate logic gates in a garage, developing her own process from scratch.

Zeloof: First to make integrated circuit in a garage, following Jeri's lead.

@jjg It goes without saying, Intel have all this information and must have an X-Files team following these developments.
Possibility that they leave anything of this to chance is exactly nil.

Just like what we have seen in the news industry, and in the software industry, only a handful ethical people separate us from total domination.

@h if nothing else it's an indication that Intel sees as a threat, and that probably means we're on to something :)

@jjg High five! (if you allow me the pun) haha

@jjg Tangentially related, or completely unrelated...

I found it anthropologically interesting that the proportions of Zeloof's chip layout are 16:9, because that's what can be displayed on his screen all at once.

An unintended evolutive relationship between video display technology and garage ICs.

Interesting. social.coop/media/VRzBwP8lIzB9

@h thats an astute observation.

@h very unrelated: man that looks like an Atari 2600 game...

@jjg hahaha, à propos of... what?

Stream-of-consciousness tooting?


@jjg Look at Sam Zeloof on IEEE Spectrum. I doubt his parents were born to see an operating Atari 2600.

@h @jjg i heard him interviewed on this podcast, he talks about the process, the dangers of using hydrofluoric acid, etc. worth a listen!!


(also the 16:9 thing is because he uses a modified DLP projector to expose the dies with UV light, and the aspect ratio of the DLP chip is 16:9!)

@h @jjg

Fatman and Circuit Girl was great, with a lot of geeky sillyness, improvised musical instruments, pinball renovations and integrated ciruit persecution. I don't know of anything like it before or since.

@h Oh yeah, yes!

(I'm bad with names)