** Update your Twitter settings if you're still using it **

They enabled these anti-privacy settings by default, and they're being shameless about it "Hey you're in control! We're screwing you! See if you are quick enough to disable sharing the data we already sent to marketers?"

A Twitter sale to an even worse corporation is surely around the corner.

social.coop/media/JMK6H9iiwDlo social.coop/media/0B50zsrHgH4k

@h I just checked and thankfully I have disabled all of them previously.

And Twitter thinkgs I am into Kersti Kaljulaid and Deutsche Sportler, interesting!

@saper Even the "send data to marketers" setting at the bottom?

That's a new one, the setting may not have shown up in your settings panel yet?

@h the last one at /personalization is

Share your data with Twitter's business partners

and it is off

the previous

Track where you see Twitter content across the web

is off and grey

@h I remember checking them up earlier when they wrote about ToS. Good news they say I have only logged in two times recently :)

@saper Even better. This issue has just emerged for me because I logged in and they displayed that very specific warning about the settings they had changed without my approval.

@h but thanks for letting us know. It was good to double-check.

@h I turned all those off awhile ago and they still seem to be off as of right now at least. Thanks for heads up though just in case.

@clhendricksbc Good for you! The warning appeared yesterday for me after a while without logging in to that account. I thought that could be the case for other people as well.

@h Only two of those boxes were checked for me (which I then unchecked) so it looks like some of that is carrying over from previous preferences.

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