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People arguing about making FOSS accessible to untrained users, and here I am like

What you are asking for is untrained users to be physicians, nurses, lawyers, forensic pathologists, and more. Those fields all have professional organizations which regulate and certify who is permitted to use those labels. Participation in those fields is *actively dangerous* to individuals' rights and well-being if unregulated.

Software engineering is exactly like that, especially as software is pervasive in medical technology, telecommunications, *electoral processes*, media availability & consumption, and more.

Untrained users *should not* and *must not* be expected to identify high-quality software, file trouble tickets with relevant information, figure out why the software is misbehaving, or any of the other tasks *trained professionals* perform on a daily basis.

Hot take: all advertising empires are built on a foundation of shifting sands and fairy dust anyway, so they just build as fast as they can before the inevitable collapse. If you're fast enough, you can leave the company before it becomes obvious that there was never any value in the first place.

I'm making sourdough! Well, waking up a starter. I took it out of my fridge and fed it last night. The yeasty babies managed to triple in volume, but fell slightly because I slept it. I split the starter on the second feeding (as insurance) and will see if she doubles in six hours! This is so exciting! I've never managed to keep a starter thriveing!

@Wewereseeds Fair enough! If you find the energy you can also call around and ask anyone who keeps horses if you can take some of their dirt/manure!

@Wewereseeds Steal some dirt! Either from the woods or from outside the hardware store at 2am! :blocblob:

Due to the outpouring of support, solidarity, and donations, the #IWW hall in #Portland is going to be able to fix the window that was broken, paint over the graffiti, + also make improvements to building that will allow it to be more accessible in the future. #FUCKJOEYGIBSON

admins: My Linux boxen have years of uptime! Linux is awesome! Take that Winblows!

me: Shit, that VPS in Australia has been up for over 3 years. I should reboot it to activate any kernel updates and verify actually boots up correctly.

Friend: Are you OK? You haven't posted on Instagram in ages
Me: I quit FB, Instagram, and Twitter.
Friend: Why'd you quit the internet?
Me: Actually I've *rejoined* the Internet.

Next time someone asked me why did I leave the internet, I'm gonna say I'm still very much on the Internet. When are *you* coming back?

Despite all my aversion for Microsoft - their enterprise software was enabling a lot of companies to run their own IT infrastructure: AD, Exchange, Sharepoint, MS SQL, MS CRM, ...

Now they are inching out of that market space towards "Cloud", pulling all the Microsoft tech crowd along, they're leaving behind a vacuum. And there's no contender left with even a semblance of similar product integration.

It's kinda pulling the rug from under a lot of local/regional onprem IT support orgs too...

I had never had a streaming service account, because I refused to set one up with a centralized service that locks me down, does not allow me to download tracks, and doesn't have libre-licensed content.

Enter! And what greets me the first time I visit the site? An CC-licensed #ElectroSwing album:

I am okay with this. I am very okay with this.

Therefore, @rysiek

And it supports Subsonic API so I can play stuff right from my desktop. Great!

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Meta bollox 

Dead Cells devs run as an “anarcho-syndical workers cooperative” with no bosses and equal pay for everyone

(Found on /r/GamerGhazi)

“Just install Linux on it” is the “just change the engine of your car” of tech.

Not everyone is a mechanic, not everyone wants to be a mechanic, and, if we want a world where freedom is the norm, we must stop expecting everyone to become a mechanic.

Note: this is not because these people are too dumb to be mechanics. It’s because they’re brain surgeons and space-shuttle pilots and they have three kids and they care for a loved one and they don’t have time to also be a mechanic.

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Downside to the ubiquity of TLS 

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