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the one thing i can honestly say i learnt thanks to my university studies that i dont think id have figured out elsewhere Show more

"nobody's talking about Roger Stone -- this is an entirely apolitical social network!!" i shout as various flavors of young communists and anarchists reach through their monitors to dialectically slap each other.

Lyrics about racism and police brutality Show more

a punk rock song won't ever change the world, but I could tell you about a couple that changed me

I feel the complexity in the web now may have been a strategy. Beyond allowing folks like Google being able to use HTML5 as an OS platform for applications, the complexity makes it hard for smaller groups to be able to keep up or start new efforts.

It didn't seem weird back when Google forked WebKit from Apple. Apple isn't known for being super cooperative and Google Chrome didn't have such overwhelming dominance.

Now user hostile changes are happening and almost everyone has little choice.

*mastodon user voice* what i refer to as my "problematic past" is considerably more recent and more problematic than i'd ever admit to my mastodon friends

*mastodon user voice* i did ok at school but mostly because i got some of the teachers to like me instead of doing work

*mastodon user voice* i sometimes feel like i spend too much time thinking about mastodon, but i also havent had such a good time on social media in a while. i kinda feel like i might be at risk of not realising that its hurting me if it starts to do so gradually enough

I support free speech.

You should call free(3) on your speech after you're done with it so that the memory can be reused by other parts of your program.

Follow up to the permaculture course I posted yesterday, I found this on the same platform:

Governance in Co-operatives
Jan 21 - Mar 12, 2019

It starts tomorrow an requires a commitment of 3hr/week
This might be of interest to a lot of people around here.

I am considering signing up, if you want study partners, get in touch in the mentions 👇


Do most major email hosts support SMTP-over-TLS? I have a suspicion that the "everyone can see the content of your email" that we keep warning users about was more relevant when bangpaths were still a thing

My name is Tim Buckley. I'm a twenty-four-year-old gamer. I've played every violent game in existence, and I have never killed anyone.
There are MILLIONS of gamers just like me, and we're getting sick of people like you blaming your problems on us.
Ignorance causes violence, not video games. Man up and take responsibility.
We outnumber you, and the people that think like you. DON'T FUCK WITH US.

#SolarpunkReporting or maybe #reporting in general:

Have you heard about Solutions Journalism? Its main idea is to step beyond the regular investigative journalism and show solutions to the problem which worked in other places.

It combats news fatigue and allows people to see that they _can_ do something. It gives hope where regular journalism just exhausts us with a constant stream of bad news.


#solarpunk #journalism

them: tech is a tool, like a hammer

me: maybe it's a tool like a stove, where leaving it on without good purpose or with no purpose is actually quite destructive in many cases, and it can easily be used for purposeful destruction

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