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oh hey this is late but the LA teacher's strike won:

- a mandatory cap on class sizes at every grade level

- hiring full time nurses at every school

- a librarian hired at every middle and high school by next year

- 50% reduction in frequency of standardized test assessments

- a hard cap on number of charter schools

- 6 percent pay raise

this contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of the union. these changes will benefit not only the teachers, but every student in the city public school system.


Spoke with a colleague recently, who told he had not gotten a raise in 4 years.

He is one of the most productive person I know. The situation he is in is simply disgusting (no raise for 4 years and he is a single dad).

He told me he did not want to make a "fuss" and that he was happy to have a job. My response was something close to: "F* THIS SH* YOU NEED THE MONEY!".

I told him the goal of our company is to make him work as long as possible, for as little money as possible.

I guess nobody ever told him that -- he looked really surprised and hurt. Not by me, but by our employer.

He is just a sweet, trusting guy, and he paid for it, his salary is just so ridiculously low.

F* this company and, especially, f* his boss and the HR people who let this happened.

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@colomar it would also be an opportunity to address safety. Organizing on Facebook is about one of the least-safe things you can do. So, for example, one could design things like the "I'll be there" click not to track any info about the user... help the organizer get an idea of attendance, but not do the huge Facebook surveillance/sharing part.

#Pine64 has some pre #FOSDEM announcements.

Biggest one is the #PinebookPro.

14" 1080p display
**usb-c**, with power input and video output
#Rockchip #RK3399

and the usual laptop features. target price, US$199! I look forward to getting #OpenBSD running well on this #arm64 system.


Why has mastodon.social gone invite-only two weeks ago? I grew tired of it being used as a hallway, where people enter, make a mess, then move on. It is my home, and I've put a lot into keeping it fast, secure and up-to-date.

Being invite-only means safer timelines, primarily, as trolls and people whose first instinct on a new social platform is to upload their uncensored dick have a harder time getting in.

@socalledunitedstates @Wewereseeds

You two inspired @noemi to set up a proof-of-concept loomio-mastodon bot last night. It currently announces when a new discussion/decision is being had on the loomio, it should be easy to extend this to other things like announcing closing results etc.

Hopefully this can help make democratic decisions more open and accessible to the community.

We'll need to run it on #SBC infrastructure to get it working for our own news bot, currently it's just running on Noe's laptop :P


It never ceases to amaze me how many VERY high profile software projects simply have no clue that organizations exist, ie, places where users do not have Administrator rights on their workstation, and where all software must be deliverable via silent managed install.

"Installation instructions: First elevate to Administrator, then run the manual GUI installer"

Anaconda Python, I'm looking at you guys.

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Is there a lightweight proxy I can host on a cloud linux server?
Literally all I want is to have all my traffic appear to come from a DO IP, I don't care about caching or anything.

@href XenSource was a random example. I could as well have used VMWare, or this one person running an instance on an ASUS machine. But the point is, this is a really cheap way of deanonymizing instances, linking them to persistent hardware identifiers. I wouldn't be surprised if, say, Dell, had a map of MAC addresses to other hardware identifiers, allowing someone to track a server down to who bought it. And if you were running a Pleroma instance over Tor, leaking any information about the server it's running on is A Bad Thing

fun fact:
if you run recent Pleroma, your server's MAC address is now permanently embedded in every post

fun fact 2:
two people run their Pleroma instance on a Xensource VM, six instances are hosted on a raspi, and there are three cases of two instances sharing the same MAC address :)

Anyone interested to take over the domain gnusocial.de? Renewal is due for Feb. 02 and I won't renew it.
People arguing about making FOSS accessible to untrained users, and here I am like

What you are asking for is untrained users to be physicians, nurses, lawyers, forensic pathologists, and more. Those fields all have professional organizations which regulate and certify who is permitted to use those labels. Participation in those fields is *actively dangerous* to individuals' rights and well-being if unregulated.

Software engineering is exactly like that, especially as software is pervasive in medical technology, telecommunications, *electoral processes*, media availability & consumption, and more.

Untrained users *should not* and *must not* be expected to identify high-quality software, file trouble tickets with relevant information, figure out why the software is misbehaving, or any of the other tasks *trained professionals* perform on a daily basis.

Hot take: all advertising empires are built on a foundation of shifting sands and fairy dust anyway, so they just build as fast as they can before the inevitable collapse. If you're fast enough, you can leave the company before it becomes obvious that there was never any value in the first place.

I'm making sourdough! Well, waking up a starter. I took it out of my fridge and fed it last night. The yeasty babies managed to triple in volume, but fell slightly because I slept it. I split the starter on the second feeding (as insurance) and will see if she doubles in six hours! This is so exciting! I've never managed to keep a starter thriveing!

@Wewereseeds Fair enough! If you find the energy you can also call around and ask anyone who keeps horses if you can take some of their dirt/manure!

@Wewereseeds Steal some dirt! Either from the woods or from outside the hardware store at 2am! :blocblob:

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