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The Desert of the Banal

Apparently some ISPs decided @SDF was "dark web" and blocked it. How long until @tildetown gets the same thing? Your mastodon instance? Netflix?

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Currently looking for people from #tech and #infosec backgrounds to follow to make this account actively usable

if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know

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Tryst! A new platform by the creators of Switter! Sign up now for early registration!

"We've also just launched as of today Tryst which is an ethical sex worker run platform we're hoping to integrate with Switter and give back to the community." - Lola Hunt

#tryst #switter #escortadvertising
#LolaHunt #phxx


the great thing about mastodon isn't that people don't try to make witty remarks about popular toots, it's that the popular toots are all "snoozlen't: hhnnngddy the cruncy dirgus" and there just Is No Witty Response To That

I work for a cooperative, but it's pretty buttoned up and corporate in culture, but they do take the cooperative principles seriously, so there's some help there.

Does anyone have any experience advocating for sustainable landscaping in corporate environments that they'd be willing to share?

The best way to fight back is to be you.

Don't be fearful.

Be mighty.

Be you in all your fucked up glory.

Summon your energy and be the you they are fearful of.

They don't know how to handle you when you are not afraid of them.

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Put some time aside to read about this Mississauga nursing home that radically transformed how it cares for residents with dementia:

Reject this lame cyber dystopia.

We shape things.

Make this world yours.

They don't own you, your thoughts, your work, your life, or your ass.

All you gotta do is reject their bullshit en masse.

Fuck that. Mic check.

A little Public Enemy...

A little RATM...

A little DK...

These are the spirits that can bind us to work together.

Study each other's rage, know it. Exchange ideas.

Then comes implementation.

It's implementation time friends.

you: what do you mean 'masto is very good' this also applies to anything in the fediverse not just masto. it also applies to anything on the internet at all!! it als--

me: *walking out of my door and to your house at 3:49 AM* WAKE UP *banging on the door* WAKE UP WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF TOUCH-TONE TELEPHONES

I now have a new .onion email, now with webmail access. :)


Note that this MTA can only send email to other .onion MTAs. It cannot send emails to clearnet addresses.

If you'd like your own .onion inbox, please message me over signal with your desired username.

Note that storage is very limited. I plan to increase storage within the next week or two.

#Tor #opsec #infosec