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I’ve been very into Old Internet Tech lately. RSS is fuckin great. Email is awesome. Give me a good old message board any day. TEXTING: Did you know you can still make and use a twitter account with full functionality from a dumb phone? Texting is great!! This old stuff is indestructible and I LOVE IT

It costs somewhere around $10 for enough water purification tablets for 125 gallons of water.

official vanta AMA starting... now!

in celebration of 600 followers!!!!!

Watch the documentary “Nothing to Hide” for free on the decentralized video streaming platform #Peertube.

Speakers include Thomas Drake, Stephanie Hankey, Ben Wizner, Hubertus Knabe, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, Claudio Agosti, Louis Pouzin, Fabrice Epelboin, Jeremie Zimmermann, Anne Roth, and others!

Me: The Social Media Publishing Ecosystem is divided into Readers, Writers and, most importantly and with the most power, Aggravators

You: Did you mean aggregators

Me: I did not

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@gilscottfitzgerald Yes, I was talking about something similar. But this time it was also about having to live in a rural/regional area and not being able to just go to a con and network (back when I was trying to break into IT in general). I got some scholarships (international) and figured out how to break out but at the expense of taking more risks than normal.

This thread very much echoes my feelings: Wylie built a weapon, understanding what uses its buyers had in mind, and it did exactly what was intended. And he hasn't come to a full moral reckoning with that. 1/

I didn't come up in computer science; I used to be a physicist. That transition gives me a rather specific perspective on this situation: that computer science is a field which hasn't yet encountered consequences.>>

So please save me these shallow and ineffectual explanations of how government or corporate uses of the web define the nature of the web itself.

Marginalized people do not have the luxury of sitting on a couch and belly ache about why the think the web is bad from the sidelines.

The web has been an essential tool when it comes to connecting people world wide and helping us to stay in sync as we work towards global justice.

If you don't see the value of this, you're not with us.

The web has given marginalized communities access to the global stage in every aspect imaginable. Economics, entertainment, education, etc...

Yeah, I get police brutality is bad thing. I have the scars to prove it. But if you're white or you can pass as white, you have no idea how bad it can get.

I understand talking about police brutality makes you feel good at cocktail parties, but the same mechanism you are trying to devalue is the same tool we use to fight it.

And that's the internet.

You know, I gotta say this.

It's pretty telling that white people or people that can pass as white keep trying to tell me that the overwhelming good of the internet is 'balanced' by... police brutality.

As a victim of police brutality, I'm telling you straight up they are full of shit.

There is no doubt police brutality is a major issue, but to use that as the point to minimize what the web is and has meant for marginalized peoples, reeks of gross entitlement.

<<Young engineers treat ethics as a speciality, something you don't really need to worry about; you just need to learn to code, change the world, disrupt something. They're like kids in a toy shop full of loaded AK-47's.>>

I'll stop quoting here but this entire thread is so good.

Computer science is the new nuclear physics.

@multijanet This guide from DAWI for lenders looking to participate in conversions is useful; has both descriptions of the capital structures and some case studies:

Now that you have a weeks worth of water and some rice, sit down and write out a budget!
It's gonna be hard and frustrating, but the most likely disaster you'll face is financial.
If you need a new job, look for healthcare positions, at least around my area many will pay for your training!

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"Safe, reliable paychecks are, actually, bad, and will kill one's desire to thrive 😔" is the new gimmick capitalism has to peddle itself with.
It's the latest iteration of old lie "Socialism quells invention"

Lol, @youtube is now spreading Turkish anti ypg propaganda. Good job Google!