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Beyond the red lines
system change not climate change


The year 2015 was marked by human induced climate change increasingly spiraling out of control - and the struggle for climate justice taking place at more and more fronts. In Paris a global climate agreement was adopted. But was it really about saving the planet? While negotiations and greenhouse gas emissions are in full swing, there are worlds between what would be needed to avert runaway climate chaos

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Let's establish an "Exit Maximum"

I'd say rich people should not be allowed to own more
than $10 million. This amount allows them to do nothing
all their life until the age of 90, corrected for inflation.

Understanding Climate Change and why it is now turning into a Global Crisis

Nature: A System of Systems | Greenpeace International

Richest 1% will own more than all the rest by 2016 | Oxfam International

Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not “Human Nature”

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970, major report finds | Environment | The Guardian

What has become of the commercial type of Collective Intelligence?

Quora pays thousands for posting questions

Why You Should Never, Ever Use Quora
A new mass class, the precariat has been growing dramatically fast in every part of the world.

Isn't it a Positive Feedback Loop, similar to what we see in climate change?
Here the loop is that the system that governs humans, allows unlimited accumulation of private wealth, which leads to more deprivation elsewhere. The more powerful the richest people get, the more this trend accelerates.

The takeaway from COP24: "We" are divided!

Humanity did not fail to address climate change. This gross generalization of "we" is over. Humanity is divided, and the dividing line goes somewhere around the 1% richest people who seem to find it necessary to squeeze the last bits of profit from a dying Earth. For decades they have been using their financial power to sabotage climate change mitigation.

Survival of the Richest

The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind

Douglas Rushkoff

The Game-Changing Promise of a Green New Deal - Naomi Klein

Europe, Australia, and the U.S. have responded to the increase in mass migration — intensified if not directly caused by climate stress — with brutal force. This barbarism is the way the wealthy world plans to adapt to climate change.

Google faces its first challenge under Europe’s strict new data protection rules
...the complaints could mean a hefty fine for the search giant, ~$4 billion

Are the French confused whether the electric car will eventually kill some of the gas stations?

What would be the cheapest way to get an SD card with the latest Raspbian ready booting for an RPi 3 model B? (I live in NL)

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“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

In the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by century's end, technology would have advanced sufficiently that countries like Great Britain or the United States would have achieved a 15-hour work week. There's every reason to believe he was right. In technological terms, we are quite capable of this. And yet it didn't happen. Instead, technology has been marshaled, if anything, to figure out ways to make us all work more.

I believe this is why a lot of innovation is not happening, especially where it would have social impact and for the greater good.

For this there is usually no business case. The greater good has no "market demand." And so that kind of work can only be done by volunteers.

I fear for those who resort to SaaS gating, ending up paying one of the giant rent seekers.

See also the Snowdrift re: Nadia Eghbal:

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An official report commissioned by the Dutch government has severely criticised Microsoft Office for violating its users' privacy:

"Microsoft systematically collects data on a large scale ... Covertly, without informing people. Microsoft does not offer any choice ... or possibility to switch off the collection, or ability to see what data are collected"

I've added a new section to

#DeleteMicrosoft #Privacy #Alternatives

See also how commons work (George Monbiot‏)

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